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By Anthony Moore
© 2012
The same reasons people don’t apply for scholarships are the same reasons many people aren’t successful in life – fear, doubt and having a short-term perspective! Read on to prevent these things from stopping you.

Winning one scholarship that pays for all of a person’s college tuition can be the worst thing that happened to him or her! How can this be? This can be the case because it often causes people to damagingly believe they shouldn’t apply for other scholarships. This is because they only look at the monetary component of scholarships. They figure, “My education is already paid for, so why should I bother?” However, scholarships are about more than money. Winning scholarships leads to other opportunities, such as internships, employment, and building relationships (with both peers and established
professionals) that often yield invaluable guidance and connections.

Consider that a person who wins different scholarships that only pay half of her tuition but put her in contact with a

variety of people and organizations will likely be better off than someone who wins one scholarship that pays all of his costs but doesn’t put him in contact with different types of people and groups. If nothing else, the first person would have a much richer experience in terms of travel to different places and interaction with varying cultures of people. For instance, when I won the Gates Millennium Scholarship I was invited to the Gates Foundation’s conference for scholarship winners, where I had to work with varying cultures of people (much more so than on my college campus). Plus, in addition to the money I was given for school, the conference was all-expenses-paid, so I also was able to travel to a city I had never been to before, stay in a nice hotel, eat great food and snacks, and I haven’t even got into the fascinating people I met and great things I learned from the various seminars that were conducted for us. Yes, it does get much better than just the great hotels and free food. Don’t forget, the college experience is about the Big Picture—think long term. It’s important to learn outside of your class related studies, meet different types of people, and build relationships.

Success in life comes to those who plan for it. The sooner you plan for success, the sooner you get it. Why wait until you get to college or become an adult to plan for success when you’re able to start doing so before you even get in high school? Success is just like compound interest on money you invest, the sooner you start investing and planting the relevant seeds, the sooner and more exponentially they grow.

It’s not just about winning scholarships—it’s about enhancing your life! The things I recommend in my book, Scholarship Rich, will not just benefit you in terms of winning scholarships; they are things that will help you to win in life. They will shape and guide your path plus enhance your skill sets. Winning scholarships will be a byproduct of the skill sets, experiences, passion, and focus you will find, improve, and utilize. The underlying theme of the book is to discover and focus on the things about you that will enhance your life and you as a person—scholarship success is merely a resulting outgrowth.

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