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Scholarship Rich

Does this describe you?

Want to avoid the traps that “the system” sets for you?
Don’t want to graduate from college with huge student loans?
Don’t want to become trapped in the career / life “rat race”?
Want to avoid taking out another mortgage in order to pay for your child’s college bill?
Is paying for your child’s college education straining your financial resources?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you should read the book Scholarship Rich. The book provides valuable lessons in the following areas:

How to Find and Win Scholarships (as in “Free Money” for College)
How to Write Dynamic Essays that Win Scholarships
Marketing and Branding Yourself for Success
Leveraging Scholarships into a Successful Career
The author, Anthony Moore, used the techniques he shares in Scholarship Rich to win over $118,000 in scholarship funds for his college education.

You can use these same techniques for your success. Information is power▬when it’s applied effectively! Read Scholarship Rich to obtain information you can use to win scholarships and succeed in life.

Click here to read “How Winning Scholarships Is Able to Help In Avoiding the Traps The System Sets for People?

Click here to read excerpt from Scholarship Rich


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