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Questions answered by “Cracking the System”

from forthcoming book
Cracking the System: What debt free college and crack cocaine teach us about the “New”global economy
written by Anthony Moore ©2013
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1) How does the television channel BET put into perspective how things are not always what they seem in the short-term versus what they really are in the long-term?

2) What would happen if Harry Potter really used his powers for good?

3) How do subpar cocaine and heroin put the subprime mortgages that wrecked the global economy into perspective?

4) What do the similarities between cocaine dealers and sex positions have to do with Tyler Perry movies?

5) How does Mel Gibson being in his tax attorney’s office relate to skills that casinos don’t develop?

6) What do U.S. Treasury Bonds (which are supposed to be the world’s safest investment) have to do with females stripping at a strip club?

7) How does the racist Arizona law aimed at illegal Mexican immigrants put Glenn Beck into perspective?

8) How do the efforts put into solving race relations in America put home mortgage payments into perspective?

9) How does the illusion of Hollywood relate to the immense poverty of the homeland of the millionaire crack-selling Chambers brothers?

10) How does the Fox News lineup put into perspective systematic violence versus individual craziness?

11) How is the impact of casinos on poor Southerners related to the downsides of Facebook as well as to the downsides of hairweaves?

12) How was the “magical” solution for eradicating poverty in the Delta region more magical than anything a great magician could do?

13) How does a pet tiger that bit his owner put into perspective how if it wasn’t for humans having superior intelligence, animals would dominate humans?

14) What amusement park ride policy puts the unfairness of the immigration laws aimed at illegal Mexican immigrants into perspective?

15) How has G.I. Joe contributed to the arrogance of Americans who say the U.S. is the world’s number one country?

16) How do “dummy” bags of crack put into perspective the few situations when a product or person doesn’t suffer from being a commodity?

17) What type of birds do way more to make it feel like you’re flying than the Red Bull energy drink—despite its ad campaign that says It Gives You Wings?

18) How do one celebrity’s hair weaves put into perspective the trend that led to student loan debt getting out of control?

19) How does sticking-up people with a rented gun put into perspective the economic bubble that led to the global economic crash in 2008?

20) How do heroin and cocaine show the consequences of being a commodity, and how does this relate to how reality television and gangster rap are far from real?

21) How does the myth about companies being too big to fail—along with Facebook and eating competitions—collectively put into perspective some of the harm Goldman Sachs has done?

22) How does clean up by Tiger Woods inform us about how fast food enterprises such as McDonald’s are built on commoditizing workers?

23) What could deter people from meth addiction more than that talking dog in the Above the Influence commercials?

24) What should a town probably have if you’re going to set up a meth lab in it?

25) How do cocaine, heroin, and American Idol prove that crack is as American as apple pie?

26) How do two U.S. Presidents put into perspective what heroin teaches us about commodities?

27) How does the GEICO Gecko put the drug PCP as well as the economic base of southern U.S. states after the Civil War into perspective?

28) How can just about anybody become a trillionaire overnight?

29) What do insurance lobbies have in common with the creatures from the Twilight series?

30) What drug do gigantic roaches in rural down-south areas during the 1990s seem to have in common with Major League Baseball players during the 2000s?

31) What has been even more ineffective than abstinence-only sex education?

32) How Ronald Reagan’s Alzheimer’s disease may have contributed to him not appreciating the irony of his “Starving the Beast” initiative?

33) How does one Major League Baseball franchise’s losing ways show how we all lose when we don’t pay attention to political policies that affect us?

34) What puts into perspective differences between cocaine addiction vs. crack addiction?

35) How does the disappearing self-respect of celebrities put into perspective how money must be “planted” in fertile ground in order to grow and multiply?

36) How does the “no-snitching” rule relate to how loaning money to drug addicts is not productive?

37) How does Ronald Reagan make all older Presidents look bad?

38) How is the present-day relevance of the racist ads that helped win the 1988 U.S. Presidential election related to the racial insensitivity of the best-selling novelist of all time?

39) What makes it clear that what works in Hollywood movies usually doesn’t work in inner city Black communities?

40) How do Amy Winehouse’s hairdos put “White flight” into perspective?

41) Why is America’s spirit of finding a way when there isn’t a way not always a good thing (especially when it comes to television shows such as The Simpsons)?

42) How the prison-industrial complex provides a prime example of how words are manipulated in misleading ways?

43) How does the U.S.’s largest private prison company give a whole new meaning to slumber parties?

44) What might a self-serving politician say if he was honest about why he cut funding for public schools but increased funding for private prisons?

45) How does polygamy put into perspective the predatory and unsustainable nature of debt as it exists today?

46) How does Uncle Ben’s rice show us that racism still exists in America?

47) What type of “academic” study has very little to do with scholarly reading?

48) How are Distribution Channels, The Lone Ranger and S&M (not the song by Rihanna) Related?

49) What do Dog the Bounty Hunter and Smokey the Bear have to do with segregation in Detroit after the 1967 race riots?

50) Who does the award for “Best Stick Up Artist” go to?

51) How does the Bible Belt possibly contribute to devil worshipping?

52) How does the selling of retail products not only put into perspective the value of a college degree, but also the destructiveness of crack cocaine?

53) How does the distribution structure of the cocaine industry put into perspective the value of a college degree (or anything else for that matter)?

54) How does the prison-industrial complex provide a prime example of how words are manipulated in misleading ways?

55) When do people react to alcoholics like they might to subprime mortgages?

56) How do accusations against legendary boxing promoter Don King relate to a major movie franchise that’s big on blowing stuff up but not so big on having a coherent plot?

57) How does the show To Catch A Predator put into perspective the lack of civil rights efforts in the homeland of the crack-pioneering Chambers brothers?

58) How does being “accidentally” shot by cops put into perspective how growth for many multi-national corporations is just a matter of greed?

59) What do one-hit wonders tell us about the fate of the U.S. if it remains a debt-driven economy instead of an innovation-driven one?

60) How do “making it rain” and “ballin’ on a budget” put the U.S. government’s vast financial power into perspective?

61) How does the end of the prosperity in one small southern town after World War I relate to how politicians often change their tunes after they get elected?

62) What scenario in which a husband gets caught by his wife puts into perspective the extent to which the United States is a democracy (or isn’t—depending on how you look at it)?

63) When it comes to the U.S. Constitution, how does President George W. Bush have something in common with Superman?

64) How do second-hand smoke and burning a car for the insurance money relate to the secondary market for student loans that Sallie Mae was created to establish?

65) How does the manipulation of U.S. tax laws and the high prices charged by Comcast Cable put modern day capitalism into perspective?

66) How do newly elected U.S. Presidents and Britney Spears put into perspective the way financial institutions hurt people?

67) How does one of the conflicts of interests regarding the U.S.’s largest private prison company inform us about a conflict of interest when it comes to pay day loan lenders?

68) How did past Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley demonstrate a textbook case of “show politics” when he threw some of his people under the bus?

69) How does the hypocrisy of many anti-abortion advocates put “reactionary” politics into perspective?

70) How is the “new” global economy related to Miss Cleo from the Physic Readers Network?

71) How do skin-tight blue jeans relate to the practices of one of the early pioneers of leveraged buyouts (which are the often-exploitive business practice that greatly contributed to Mitt Romney’s fortune)?

72) How is legally hijacking a company using debt similar to (if not worse than) robbing people with a gun?

73) What STD would probably make people not even go into the backyard of a person who had it?

74) How does the crack addiction of Pookie in New Jack City put into perspective how companies aggressively bombard us with marketing to continually spark the urge?

75) How does not doing your homework when it comes to college and student loans relate to concerns about the exploitive nature of gambling?

76) How did the founding of the U.S.’s largest private prison company bring a whole new meaning to the term “marriage of convenience”?

77) What does “the good actor in terrible movie syndrome” teach us about not putting ourselves between a rock and a hard place?

78) How is the invisible voice in the movie Field of Dreams related to major financial institutions?

79) What has caused people to lose homes more than alcohol, drugs and indiscretions by Catholic priests?

80) How does a billionaire who ran for political office show how for some people “criminal activity” is just another name for “good business”?

81) How does some of Bill Clinton’s early Presidential campaigning put into perspective how politicians can be as shameful as some so-called hardcore rappers?

82) If Chris Brown came up with his own fashion design institute, what type of person might attend it?

83) What type of Black Plague would certain racists likely prefer?

84) During those relatively few instances when self-serving politicians aren’t catering to special interest groups, what is often their motivation for selling out the public?

85) What should politicians do to make it more profitable when they “sell-out”?

86) How do begging, fake jewelry and not paying for illicit services put investing in a college education into perspective?

87) What’s one of the key types of people who epitomizes being a douche?

88) Why should Arm & Hammer not be allowed to discuss the “secret” uses of its baking soda if it doesn’t include making crack?

89) How does the National Rifle Association put capitalism, public service, and Ronald Reagan’s Presidency into perspective?

90) How does untrustworthy behavior by drug addicts in combination with certain legal (but not necessarily ethical) behaviors by pharmaceutical companies put marketing and branding into perspective?

91) How do commonalities between cocaine and groceries relate to how one very popular news channel habitually dilutes the facts?

92) How does the terminology often used to describe being evicted from a home show an example of how words are manipulated to make reality seem less harsh than it really is?

93) How does what might happen if a serial killer used Twitter relate to information technology jobs?

94) What billionaire businessman flip-flops more than a fish on dry land? (Hint: It relates to the one thing that might freak a person out more than a fish with three eyes.)

95) How do the marketing efforts of companies such as Nike, McDonalds and Coca-Cola relate to pimping and tricking?

96) How does a key activity done by certain street gangs bring to mind a key activity done by the financial conglomerate Goldman Sachs?

97) How does crack show how being able to stay out as late as you want to when you’re a teenager is not all it’s cracked up to be (pun intended)?

98) How do societal forces and circumstantial factors that lead people to sell crack and heroin relate to how ridiculously offensive reality television can be?

99) How did Mitt Romney and other key figures at Bain Capital profit from a “toy story” that didn’t have a “happy ending” for most people?

100) How the “Good Old Boys Network” transforms the inability to make good decisions into a winning formula?

101) How does the art of packaging and selling garbage show the possible pitfalls and injustices that occur when a financial system literally creates money (such as the financial system that governs the U.S.)?

102) How the last name that a group of billionaire brothers were born with puts into perspective how destructive and ruthless they are?

103) How does fashion modeling put into perspective how illegal drugs are probably not as destructive as the global financial system although the destruction from illegal drugs is more obvious?

104) How does a certain type of person’s abuse of authority relate to how the U.S. financial system is broken?

105) How was the seed a billionaire’s father planted in him not only key to him making billions, but also reflective of the messed-up reality of the modern financial system?

106) What Amount is Even Smaller than the Donations Rush Limbaugh Doesn’t Make to the United Negro College Fund?

107) How does Pastor Joel Osteen’s “prosperity gospel” contribute to suicidal tendencies?

108) How does the ridiculousness of a fast food restaurant serving gourmet food relate to the political version of prostitution?

109) How do the debt-pimping practices done by companies like Bain Capital and Wesray Corp. put gangsterism into perspective?

110) How does not succumbing to the hype of a brand name when choosing a college relate to one celebrity’s drug abuse?

111) How do codeine and “chopped and screwed” music put many of Wall Street’s financial instruments into perspective?

112) How do factors that contributed to the Chambers brothers making millions from selling crack cocaine relate to how U.S. citizens have been trained to avoid reality?

113) How do phone-sex calls put into perspective how the home mortgage market in the U.S. evolved to be structurally similar to the global cocaine distribution market?

114) How does the lack of the “honor system” in the U.S. relate to how the home mortgage market in the U.S. was structured before it became more structurally similar to the cocaine industry?

115) How does lacking a key characteristic of good parenting not only result in a lack of greatness in politicians, but also reveal behavior reflective of a modern day pimp?

116) How does the word “terrorism” show one of the many ways in which politics is an art that keenly uses manipulation?