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What Kind of Deal Did Rahm Cut with Obama?

As a Person Who Voted for Obama in both of his Presidential elections, I have to Say Shame on Him for Playing Politics in Regards to Rahm Emanuel

 written by Anthony Moore

© 2015

As expressed in the title of this article, I voted for Obama both times he ran for President. I was for him when he first announced he was running for President in 2007, even when Hillary Clinton was the Democratic frontrunner. I met him when he was still an Illinois State Senator at his office at the University of Chicago. I have an interesting story about what happened when we were first scheduled to meet that I won’t get into, but I will say that he left a good impression on me. He did right by me when he could have done wrong. I even have a picture with him during the time he was running for U.S. Senate.

However, I don’t believe in being discriminatory when it comes to speaking truth to power, and I got to call out Obama for playing politics by endorsing Rahm Emanuel for Mayor of Chicago in 2015 (just like he did when he endorsed him in 2011). It is what is. I’m curious as to the nature of the deal that was struck (or whatever quid pro quo is at play), being that Michelle Obama reportedly wanted him out as Obama’s Chief of Staff, so getting Rahm elected Mayor of Chicago in 2011 is believed to have been part of the deal , as detailed in the article entitled, Michelle to Barack: “Get Rahm outta here!” Even so, why go there in 2015?

Regardless of why Obama went there, it’s clearly him playing politics. It’s a reason why he did just radio spots and not TV spots. Of course, Obama might have endorsed Emanuel because he believes he’s the best for the job. Yeah, sure. I guess it depends on what job you’re talking about. It’s definitely not the job of serving the people. If you believe that, you might also believe that unicorns roam Garfield Park late at night whenever there’s a lunar eclipse; either that, or you believe that Hollywood only gives out awards to actors who can actually act. In any case, unlike last time, I hope a lot of people don’t fall for it and vote for Rahm because of this “endorsement.”

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