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The Kill Illuminati Chronicles: Query Letter, Version A

The Kill Illuminati Chronicles

Query Letter
written by Anthony Moore
© 2015
Version A

The Illuminati has been blamed for some of the world’s greatest atrocities, including everything from devastating wars, to global famine, to the commercial success of no-talent hacks. If the Illuminati is real, it’s logical to deduce that it actively influences the book publishing industry. What else can explain the success of books such as 50 Shades of Grey? So why would an organization that’s responsible for the global proliferation of bloodshed also be responsible for the global proliferation of talentless entertainers? The short answer is that they’re both means of maintaining and gaining power that are utilized by puppet masters who dangle the world from their strings.

Now imagine being at your lowest; your most vulnerable; your most desperate. What if your ambition is what led you to this state of despair? In other words, by striving for more and not settling for less, you’re worse off than those who compromise for the settling you were unwilling to do. Now imagine that while you’re in this dire state, some mysterious force offers you all that you’ve ever wanted and more, and in exchange, if they ever ask you to (which may happen rarely if at all) you have to help them eliminate a secret society of “bad” actors who are ultimately responsible for most of the world’s greatest atrocities. This mysterious force appears more like a fairy godmother than Satan trying to buy your soul—although the latter proves to be the more apt description in the long run. So at a point where you’d feel very lucky just to break even, you’re magically offered all that you’ve ever wanted—and more.

In the Kill Illuminati Chronicles: Volume 1 (the first book in a series) the chronicles entail such people being offered such enticing life lines, and at moments while they’re in very dire straits. Among other desperate people, they include a prison inmate who’s recuperating in the infirmary from being brutally victimized; a politician on a trajectory to be President of the world’s most powerful nation, but is being impeded by being in love with a porn star he wants to marry; as well as a rich and famous rap mogul who desperately needs to reconnect with his soul mate in order to get back the soul he sold.

The Kill Illuminati Chronicles takes the reader on a journey that informs about the nature of power at its highest, most sophisticated levels. Because, real or not, what is the Illuminati if not a reflection of the conspiratorial nature of the means by which the few seem to always use in controlling the many? Fact or fiction, what is the Illuminati if not a reference to the behind-the-scenes alliances and dynamics behind the fragile nature of how countries such as the United States strive to maintain order domestically, while also striving to hold onto and expand its global empire.

A key theme of the book is systems of control, especially as it relates to how the few effectively control the many. This is a topic I’ve thoroughly researched, examined and written about—in both a modern and historical context. In addition to my extensive research on the Illuminati, other secret organizations, as well as U.S. and world history, I’ve also critically examined and written about the systems that currently govern us. I’ve released a book on winning college scholarships, a historical political comic strip entitled What the Hell?, and am also completing a forthcoming nonfiction book (Cracking the System) about the “college hustle” in relation to our broader governing systems. More info about these writings and myself are on my website at I thank you for your time and consideration.

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