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The Kill Illuminati Chronicles: Query Letter, Version B

The Kill Illuminati Chronicles

Query Letter
written by Anthony Moore
© 2015
Version B

The Illuminati is thought by many to be an extremely sinister organization, comprised of many of the world’s most powerful, famous and wealthiest people. It is widely speculated that its ultimate aim is a one world government that aims to subjugate, if not eliminate, most of the world’s human population. But what if everyone has it wrong? What if it’s an institution more sinister than even the most heinous of assessments? Yet, what if in spite of the group’s malevolent aims, there is an existing crusade to reign it in that may nonetheless bring about even more devastating outcomes than allowing it to exist unchecked?

Dr. V and Mr. S are some of the beings that fostered the Illuminati in order for chosen humans to manage the earth, and perpetually hand this mantle to subsequent generations. Over time its altruistic purpose was corrupted by greed, lust and selfishness. As a result, by exploiting superior insights and resources, the Illuminati mutated and diverged into various factions. So what is now thought to be the Illuminati is actually several mutated factions of the original group.

Thus, Dr. V and Mr. S were conjured back to earth to rein in the Illuminati, and if necessary, kill it. They are only able to do so in regards to human free will. They give humans fame, power, money and other things they covet. Humans that “make a deal” with Dr. V and Mr. S become indebted to them, which is akin to “making a deal with the devil.” Yet there is a loophole. Indebted humans can go against the wishes of Dr. V and Mr. S, but only if they overcome specific tasks, obstacles, or other usually undesirable realities.

In this first book in the Kill Illuminati Chronicles series, through a sequence of interrelated stories that total approximately 100,000 words, we see Dr. V and Mr. S position human “pieces” on the “chessboard” to which they equate earth. These stories include Walking in My Fellow Inmate’s Shoes, I’m in Love With a Porn Star But Do I Want to Marry Her?, and So You Want to be a Rap Star?

Throughout the series we’ll learn the impacts that the likes of Dr. V and Mr. S have had on actual history, especially relative to the Illuminati and organizations rumored to be connected to it. This includes the Knights Templar, Freemasons, Skull and Bones, as well as others. The stories incorporate conspiracies related to the U.S., world history, and the modern world, doing so in the form of a multilayered fable that involves the supernatural and surreal, yet is grounded in real human emotion, relations and dialogue.

A key theme of the book is systems of control, especially as it relates to how the few effectively control the many. This is a topic I’ve thoroughly researched, examined and written about—in both a modern and historical context. In addition to my extensive research on the Illuminati, other secret organizations, as well as U.S. and world history, I’ve also critically examined and written about the systems that currently govern us. I’ve released a book on winning college scholarships, a historical political comic strip What the Hell?, and am also completing a forthcoming nonfiction book (Cracking the System) about the “college hustle” in relation to our broader governing systems. More info about these writings and myself are on my website at I thank you for your time and consideration.

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