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Real FAQs

 Question: Although you’re addressing winning scholarships for college, why all the controversial topics and other stuff you’re talking about?

Answer: Because I truly want people to be better off.  It’s no accident that college is so unaffordable and as a result overall student debt is so high. This reality has been determined by broader factors (social, political, economic, and others). The reason why college has proven to be a debt-trap for many people (many who struggle afterwards to find the work they went to college for) is that while most students and parents haven’t paid attention to the broader political, business and economic factors that have created the “college hustle,” others who don’t have students’ best interests at heart have paid attention to them. Even more, the manipulators of these forces have influenced and exploited these factors in ways where they have greatly benefited at the expense of many college students.

 Question: How come you just can’t be a nice guy and only talk about winning scholarships for college?

Answer: First of all, I am a nice guy. Nevertheless, in the process of teaching people about winning scholarships and affording college, I’ve extensively studied the factors that have contributed to the debt-trap that college has been (and continues to be) for a lot of people. his has compelled me to share info about the “bigger picture” that I’ve extensively researched, studied, and discovered. I would be doing people a disservice by not at least making them aware of the broader factors that have impacted, and will continue to impact, their lives (regardless of their level of education or the lack thereof). However, if you just want info about scholarships and nothing else, then I’m able to provide that specific information. But if you want to know more about the true nature of the system that governs us, I’ve made it available.

 Question: Are you for free markets and capitalism? Are you a socialist?

Answer: I’m not a socialist. I believe in free markets and capitalism when they are done in ethical ways and with adequate (but not excessive or needless) regulation. However, I’d rather make millions from things that truly enhance people’s lives than make billions from things that hurt or take advantage of people (I know, this seems to be a not so popular sentiment in the United States, home of the “Forbes 400″). Besides, do we really want to live in a world and society where it’s all about who can best con the next person out of his or her money? If the focus is just about selling and making money regardless of how it’s done, that’s what it will be. Even if you don’t mind living in that kind of world, it’s unsustainable (I get into why in my Cracking the System book). Think about it. Look at the end result of the subprime mortgage crisis, which was all about transferring money without providing actual value. If you don’t know how bad that turned out, ask anybody who had money in Lehman Bros. or AIG who wasn’t a company named Goldman Sachs (or another one of a relatively few selected institutions who benefited greatly benefited from government bailouts).

Question: What if: (1) I don’t care about politics because (2) things won’t change no matter who’s in office, and because (3) they’re all crooks?

Answer: In response to (1), you should care about politics because it does impact you. Why else do large companies and other groups spend millions of dollars on lobbyists to influence political policies? So, if you’re not paying attention to politics, you can rest assured that powerful private interests are paying attention to and shifting political policies to their advantage in ways that might disadvantage you. When you don’t pay attention, it’s makes it a whole lot easier for them to get self-serving (and even destructive) policies passed. By the way, the federal funding of Pell Grants for college students is a specific party position that the Democrats generally embrace that Republicans generally don’t. So, regardless of what political party you identify with, if you plan on attending (or are in) college, this is something that’s relevant to you (unless you have a family fortune or something like that at your disposal). In reference to (2), things change when people demand change. Think about the Civil Rights and Women Rights Movements as well as the modern day Gay Rights Movement. Imagine if these groups would have accepted that “things won’t change no matter who’s in office.” And in terms of (3), if they’re all the crooks, that’s all the more reason to monitor their behavior. If someone you know has a reputation for stealing, would you allow them in your house unattended and say, “Well, he’s a crook, so there’s nothing I can do about him stealing my stuff”?

Question: Why do you have to be so controversial and offensive?

Answer: It’s cause and effect. I find many of the detrimental trends that have impacted the U.S. over the past several years to be controversial and offensive. These trends have systematically decimated the middle class, further impoverished the poor, and crippled our political system on all levels. I don’t believe in sugarcoating reality. It’s usually not helpful or even practical to use nice language to describe something bad. The first step in solving a problem is to acknowledge the problem and do so in a frank and honest way. Things are messed up. Think about it. If you randomly asked people in the U.S. do they think that the country has no serious problems and is completely on the right track, if anybody answered yes, would you not think that person is more delusional than a person who thinks that raising taxes on the super wealthy hurts the economy? The point is things have gotten so messed up in the U.S. (including the unaffordability of college) because most people weren’t paying attention to (and doing things about) the bigger economic, social and political factors that caused these things. Things won’t get better on their own without their being pressure from “everyday people” to make them better. Think about it. What good is a college education if the ozone layer has been destroyed, and as a result you can’t even go out in the sun without wearing a three piece leather suit specifically designed to protect you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays (and you’re not even a has-been Hollywood star who has to dress that way in order to relive your glory days in the 1980s)?