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CRACKING THE SYSTEM: What makes it clear that what works in Hollywood movies usually doesn’t work in inner city Black communities? (HINT: It has something to do with gay marriage.)

written by Anthony Moore
© 2012

Question: What makes it clear that what works in Hollywood movies usually doesn’t work in inner city Black communities? (Hint: It has something to do with gay marriage.)

Excerpt from Cracking the System: When it comes to the neighborhood I grew up in, I was told by my parents…by the way, that’s parents with an “s”—as in more than one parent, but still less than three. You never know nowadays, so I guess I also need to clarify that one of my parents was a man and the other was a woman. I’m not trying to offend anybody who’s engaged in “non-traditional” parenting, but growing up in a crack infested Black community while living in a household with two Dads wouldn’t get you far…maybe having two mommies would (at least with people who are into that sort of thing). But two Dads? It’s already hard enough to get respect in a drug infested neighborhood no matter what, so you’d really have your work cut out for you with two Dads and no Mommies. It may have been a good idea for a TV show, but not a good idea for living in an inner city drug invested Black neighborhood—at least not if you don’t want to get beat up everyday. Of course this speaks to the insecurities and ill will of the ones beating people up as opposed to there being anything wrong with people doing non-traditional parenting. Nevertheless, the “two Dads” thing is just another example of how what works in Hollywood doesn’t necessarily work in inner city Black America. For instance, if you try to outsmart some burglars like the little White kid in the movie Home Alone, I’m sure it wouldn’t go as well as it did for the kid in the movie; not unless you enjoy getting tied up and beat up on top of getting robbed. Although there are people who enjoy getting tied up when they engage in certain types of activities, I imagine that getting tied up while being robbed isn’t one of them. Speaking of “non-traditional” parents, I’d rather have two “non-traditional” good parents as opposed to two “traditionally” bad ones—but maybe that’s just me.

By the way, since we’re already on the subject, as a heterosexual myself, I really don’t understand what some heterosexuals have against gay marriage. Are they really worried that homosexuals might destroy the sanctity of marriage? In a country where we have a 50 percent divorce rate, I think it’s safe to say that heterosexuals have already taken care of that. For someone who’s straight to say that gay people will destroy the sanctity of marriage is like the Koch brothers saying that crack dealers are going to poison a community that the Koch brothers already have a chemical plant in.

Speaking of people who think gay people will destroy the sanctity of marriage, there is a group called the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), which was established to work against legalizing same-sex marriage in the U.S. It seems to me that if you call your organization the “national organization for marriage,” the organization should be for any and all types of marriage, whether it’s gay marriage, straight marriage, as well as any other type of marriage—I would think they would even be into things like dog marriage (for those people who take the concept of loving your pets to a very unhealthy extreme). It’s not like lots of people in the U.S. are trying to stop consenting adults from getting married (well, except for the types of people who join organizations like NOM). Think about it, the only people who are against marriage are usually people who’re against gay marriage—it’s not like there are many people who feel so strongly against straight marriage that they’re organizing to protest against it. It would be more truthful if NOM was called NO ORGASM (National Organization Opposing Rights for Gay Adoption & Same-sex Marriage). Not only would the name describe what the organization is actually about, but I’m sure many men and women in “traditional” marriages would join because the name describes what there lives have been like due to being married.

Since we’ve already referenced the child actor from Home Alone, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that things don’t always turn out well for child actors (if you want examples of this, research the child actors who starred on the sitcom Different Strokes, which is probably number one on the list of television sitcom names most likely to be mistaken for being a porn movie title). One child actor who things didn’t turn out the best for when he got older was the Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron. When it comes to religion, many people would say he puts the “fan” in fanatic. He has strong anti-gay and abortion stances that are heavily steeped in religious dogma. So, it’s not a surprise that he was chosen to do a video where he was highlighted as a “Champion on Marriage” for the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance, which is an initiative started by…guess who, the one and only NOM, or as I like to call them, NO ORGASM. Is it just me, or does the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance sound like the name of a group of superheroes who all hate being married? Maybe it’s just me. One of the things that bugs me the most about Kirk Cameron is that despite being a man who wants to stamp out things that are “ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization” (his words, not mine), he starred in a movie called Left Behind that wasn’t even about the poor and middle class in America (which seems a little dishonest, because if there’s anybody who’s been “left behind” in America, it’s them).

HOW THE PRECEDING BOOK EXCERPT CONTRIBUTES TO “CRACKING” THE SYSTEM: The excerpt above is from the chapter entitled It’s All Related (One Thing Leads to Another). It comes from a section entitled If Someone Uses Brute Force, Do You Really Have a Choice? This section gets into what I’ve labeled as “the major game that’s often run on the American people (and others) by the powers that be in order to exploit and control them.” It gets into how some of the “smart” guys who greatly impact the global economy have manipulated it in ways that play to their strengths and allow them to control things in ways that are best for them but not necessarily the general public. It also gets into examples of “smart” guys who have manipulated the rules of the game so that their skills and talents are what the game favors—even in instances where this is clearly not what’s best for the system and the majority of the people impacted by it.

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