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Table of Contents

Cracking the System

Table of Contents

written by Anthony Moore

© 2012

CHAPTER 1: A “Raw and Uncut” Introduction to the Game 1
LIFE IS THE ULTIMATE GAME: Play the game or get played by the game! 1
Let’s clarify the reality that America is truly the land of “hustling.” 2
A clear sign that a profession isn’t a good one to be in is when…
The crack business is not a “good” business 5
How does what’s written so far relate to obtaining money for college? 5
     College is an investment 6
Crack is as American as Apple Pie 6
The following are a few of the ways that the cocaine / crack industry will be examined in this book. 10
Is “The American Dream” Really A Nightmare? 10
A Note on Being Politically Correct 14

Hurricane Katrina Showed the Harsh Realities of Being Poor in the U.S. 15

Something for Consideration. 16

Some things about the Crack Business that show you what to look out for in college (or whatever else you do) 17


A lot of times knowing the right question to ask is way more important than having the “right” answer. 17


The Dope Game Sort of Flips the Whole Risk-Reward Dynamic. 18

Being a Commodity in an Economic System that Strives to Commoditize. 19

What’s Up With All These Names for Heroin?. 20

The Television Show “The Wire” Shows Just How Much of a Commodity

Dope Really Is. 23


Crack is a commodity. 26

The Key is to be a Specialized Product and Not a Commodity. 27

When You’re Considered a Commodity, You’re Usually Treated Like One. 30

I Wouldn’t Call It Pimping, But There Is Some ”Tricking” Involved. 34


At One Time, Coca-Cola Was Really the Real Thing. 37

I Wouldn’t Go As Far As Calling It Brainwashing, but…… 38

Why Branding a Product (or Person) Is Important 38


CHAPTER 2: Entrepreneurship. 43


An Entrepreneurial Mindset Helps in Avoiding Getting Pimped By College. 43

Understanding fundamental reasons why many people start selling crack

(or other illegal drugs) can not only help you realize the related pitfalls, but

can also…… 44

When people choose to sell crack (or other illegal drugs) it’s often because

of at least one of the following reasons. 46

The following are some of the things you might hear a person say to justify

why they’re in the dope game on the street level 47

 The following are two important things that usually must be done to sell

most products. 50

The “Crack-selling” Chambers Brothers – the Right Business Skills and

the Right Structure, but for the Wrong Industry. 55

CHAPTER 3: Going Back to the Past to be Informed About the Present 58

Why Is Selling Crack a Choice that’s Available to Make?. 58

Although I Don’t Condone Selling Crack or Heroin, Let’s Be Real 59

Same Place, Same Time, Same Reason, Different Results. 62

The Chambers Brothers Were So Poor That…… 66

How Low Could They Go?. 68

Do Academics or Akademiks Focus on Reading?. 69

The Mississippi Delta’s Third World Conditions. 70

Let’s put into perspective the Third World conditions that the Delta

became known for: 70

The One “Solution” for the Delta’s Economic Development 73

From One Dying Paradigm to Another 75

The Irony of the Chambers Brothers Leaving Lee County to find Opportunity

in Detroit 82


How Racism Causes the (Economically) Oppressed to Oppress Others. 83

Blacks in the Early 1900s vs. Illegal Mexican Immigrants in the 2010s. 85

Systematic Violence is Different than Individual Craziness. 86

Segregation was a problem in Detroit even when it was thriving as the

automobile capital of the world…………………………………………………………. 90


Leave it to a Billionaire Running for Political Office to be a Hypocrite. 94

Just Like Crack, McDonalds Changed the Game. 101

Marketing + Cocaine = Crack. 102

McDonalds vs. Crack Cocaine. 103

Breakdown of what Ray Kroc accomplished with McDonalds. 105

How Do You Get Too Big to Fail?. 108

Since We’ve Talked About the Good, What’s Some of the Bad and Ugly?. 109


CHAPTER 4: The Business of College. 112


The College of Crack Distribution. 112

Don’t do something just because it’s what you constantly see. 113

The distribution structure of the cocaine industry puts into perspective the

value of a college degree (or anything else for that matter) 114


Just like with a lot of other retail products, as cocaine travels down

various distribution channels some “shrinkage” occurs. 116


How are Distribution Channels, The Lone Ranger and S&M (not the song

by Rihanna) Related?. 118


And the Award for Best Stick Up Artist Goes to…… 118

Why the Internet Has Changed the Game. 120

A Note on this Book’s Profiles of “Successful” People. 123

Ron Burkle – From Stocking Groceries to Stocking Billions. 125

Ron Burkle Shows How “Playing the Game” Can Trump a College Degree. 129

While We’re on the Subject, Groceries Have a Bit in Common with Cocaine. 130

Since College is a Business, Doesn’t It Make Sense To Treat It Like One?. 131

College May Be a “Game Piece” in Your Game. 132



The following information gets to why it is important to view education as

a “chip” in the game you’re playing, as opposed to just something to do. 132


Don’t Attend College…Unless It’s Your Best Move. 136

What’s College Without College Financing?. 139

Can You Build Capital Without Capitalism (just ask the NRA) 142

Capitalism with Just a Profit Motive Tends to Result in Destruction

and Exploitation. 142


What Can a Vampire from the movie “Twilight” Teach Us About Capitalism?. 143

Do You Have Capitalism Without Capital?. 144


CHAPTER 5: “Cracking” The Financial System.. 147


What Can an Anonymous Supplier of Cocaine Teach Us About Modern

Financial Markets?. 148


For the person who applied the strategy of focusing on supply as opposed

to violence, the following were some of the key practices followed. 150


So What Does an Anonymous Supplier of Cocaine Have In Common With

Our “Legal” Financial System.. 152


The reality that most people graduate from high school without a good

understanding of financial markets and financial institutions is a travesty. 153


Securitization allows for big money to make money from small money. 155

What if Cocaine Was Securitized Like Financial Assets Are?. 158

Why is Securitization Important to the Financial System?. 158


CHAPTER 6: If the Laws of Supply and Demand Don’t Work, that Means

the System Is Hurt 160


Why Sell Crack When You Can Sell Subprime Mortgages. 160

Compensating Incompetence. 163

Does Selling Cocaine and Heroin Have More Integrity than Working on

Wall Street?. 164


Lessons from Cocaine Distribution that Provide Insight Into the Subprime

Mortgage Fiasco that Devastated the U.S. 166


This is a Key Way in Which the Home Mortgage Industry is Structurally

Similar to the Cocaine Industry. 167


What Amount is Even Smaller than the Donations Rush Limbaugh

Doesn’t Make to the United Negro College Fund?. 173


Not All “Tips” Are Created Equal 178

Home Mortgages in Relation to Solving America’s Racial Problems. 179

Here’s Another Way that the Home Mortgage Industry Was Cocain-ified. 180

Learning from History Is Indeed Very Important 181

The cocaine / crack game shows the influence that can be yielded from

controlling supply. 189


Cocaine Shows Cutting Out the Middleman Isn’t Always Best 190


CHAPTER 7: Money and the Power


Money – A Good that’s Supplied and Consumed, As Well As a Great Source

of Power 192


Cocaine Shows How in Some Ways Legal Industries Can Hurt the Economy

More than Illegal Ones. 195


When It Comes to Dominating Suppliers, Nobody Does It Better than

Wal-Mart (aka “Will Sell You Anything” Mart) 197


There’s a Difference Between Money-Making and Money-Taking. 202

How “Banana Republic” Puts American Arrogance into Perspective. 203

De ja Vu: China Was the World’s Leading Economy Just a Few Hundred

Years Ago. 204


A Bought-off President’s Conversation about Renewable Energy. 211


CHAPTER 8: It’s All Related (One Thing Leads to Another)


One of the Reasons Money Yields Power is that the Wealthy Invest in

Perpetuating that Perception (and “perception” is “reality”) 218


How BMF represented opposite aspect of dope game vs. Chambers

brothers. 221


Prohibition serves as a means to empower and enrich criminal

organizations and criminals. 222





While brute force can be (and often is) very effective in gaining money

and resources when it’s used in an acquisitive way, intelligence and

organization are much more effective in gaining (usually greater

amounts of) money and resources. 222


Let’s briefly consider the sport of football. 222

Let’s tie all of this into some of the financial mechanics that run the

global economy. 223


People Tend to Play the Game that’s Available for them to Play. 224

One of the things that makes pushing illegal drugs so appealing is that it’s

a field where if you know the right people and have enough money or

credit, you can come up on some quick cash…… 224


The financial world follows the dope game model in certain subtle but

powerful ways. 225


When it comes to the dope game, you can make major money just by

being a major supplier…even so, there are some advantages to having

it “locked-down” from the “top-down.” 226


The scenario that was just explained is an example of the pros and cons

of the different approaches and strategies for any endeavor where you

distribute a product to different vendors, who then in turn distribute it to

the end customer. 227


A key advantage to being very successful in the dope game is being

chosen by major suppliers to be the one (or one of the ones) that

distributes their drugs. 227


Pressure from Financial Markets Sometimes Causes Corporations to

Follow “Dope Game” Logic. 231


Here’s Proof that the U.S. is a Very Sick Society. 233

In our financial system, instead of being used to fuel the vehicle, the gas

controls the vehicle. 235


The Financial Interests Who’ve Rigged the Economy to their Advantage

Contradict the Capitalist Principles they Pretend to Promote. 238


Some of the key products that the U.S. sold that allowed them to become

the world’s only superpower were industrialization/ modernization,

protection, and financing. 240


If Someone Uses Brute Force, Do You Really Have a Choice?. 241



The dope game—and the emergence of the crack game in particular—show

how capitalism is like a chess game that’s really controlled by the “powers

that be.”. 243


Let’s look at the crack cocaine explosion from a broader perspective. 245


The way that people have been “chosen” to be powerful financiers seems

similar to how cocaine distributors were chosen when crack first hit and

shows how capitalism is a lot like chess in terms of how the “powers that

be” manipulate the pieces to serve their ends. 248


Let’s provide a little insight on Rick Ross’s strategy of undercutting other

coke dealers. 249


The people who “really” control the financial system are some

serious pimps. 250


Our Financial System Is Largely Built on Exploiting the Poor – Is That Cool?. 254

How BMF represented opposite aspect of dope game vs.

Chambers brothers. 255


Ronald Reagan’s Presidency Was Scandalous (in more ways than one) 259

Ronald Reagan Makes All Older Presidents Look Bad. 261

Oklahoma and Private Prisons: A Textbook Case of What’s Wrong with

Politics in America. 263


When Politicians Put Getting Re-elected Over Doing What’s Best for the People…Welcome to the United States of America. 266


Politicians Often Give Into the Politics of Fear 267

Why Fund Schools When You Can Fund Prisons?. 271

Building on “Spec” Has Caused Some Towns to Get Wrecked. 273

Criminal Prevention Is Better Than Criminal Detention. 274

The prison industrial complex shows how it’s better that some things be

run by government versus private interests. 274


CHAPTER 9: Politics. 275


The College Game Shows the Reality of Politics in America. 275

Exhibit A:  The Estate Tax. 277

Uncle Ben is Not Our Friend (and he’s definitely not my uncle) 277

Back to the Estate Tax. 280

To Find a Politician’s True Heart, Earmarks are a Great Place to Start 285

Obama’s Perfect Strategy for Overcoming Hillary Clinton’s “Experience” 285

Who’s Worse, The United States or Big-time Drug Dealers. 290


Don’t Learn the Politics of the Game That Dictate Your Future at Your

Own Risk. 292


CHAPTER 10: Sallie Has Gotten Paid. 295


Question: If I’m interested in finding out how to get money for college

and/or how to be successful, why would I care about reading about

Sallie Mae?. 295


May Sallie Get Paid – Sallie Mae (the preferred lender of student loans) 296

It Helps to Recognize a Cycle If You Don’t Want to Become a Victim of It 298

Despite What We’ve Seen in Recent Years, the U.S. Government Can

Promote The Interests of the People When It Wants To. 301


The U.S. Government Has the Ultimate Power to “Make It Rain” 302

History Has Shown that Government Oversight Can Be Very Helpful 303

Sallie Mae serves as a metaphor for what has happened to the

United States in terms of the public good taking a backseat to making

profits. 304


The Government Did What It Had To Do To Establish the Student

Loan Market 305


The Dollars and “Sense” of Secondary Markets and Securitization. 308

The Evolution of Sallie Mae and the Student Loan Market 312

(Hopefully this isn’t a) Newsflash – We Live In a Debt Driven Economy. 313


CHAPTER 11: Economics. 318


Money Laundering Shows a Lot About Needs vs. Wants as Well as the

Essence of the Entire Global Financial System.. 318


Cocaine as Currency – value tied to somebody eventually buying the product 324

Coming Up Short and Selling Out 327

Strive to Not Put Yourself in Between a Rock and a Hard Place. 329

Exhibit A:  The Good Actor in Terrible Movie Syndrome. 329



CHAPTER 12: It’s Business, Not Personal 330


The Big Picture When It Comes to Indentured Servitude in the U.S. of A. 330

Get Low” – Wal-Mart and its Everyday Low Prices. 332

The Game Is Rigged. 335

Considering the origin of government grants and scholarships for college,

what does the decline of them say?. 338


Money Truly Isn’t Everything. 340


CHAPTER 13: The Game Has Changed, or Has It?. 344


Student Loans – Less About Educating and More About Money-Making. 346

Hair Weaves Are Just One Example of How Trends Influence What We

See When We Look Around. 347


William E. Simon – Economic Pioneer or Plain Ol’ Pimp?. 349

The Game Didn’t Stop. 351

The Game Outside of the Game. 355

As You Already Know, Crime Isn’t Just an American Thing and It Isn’t

Just A Small-time Thing. 356


The Student Loan Market Becomes “Americanized” 356


CHAPTER 14: Planting Seeds/Providing Value. 358


Money is like any seed: it needs fertile ground to grow and reproduce after

it’s been planted. 358


Why Loaning Money to Drug Addicts Isn’t Productive. 359

A big part of “playing your position” in thinking in terms of providing value. 360

“Gaming” Mississippi 362

The Truth About Looking Out for the Less Fortunate in America OR If All

else fails, there’s always gambling. 363


So, what did society say to Mississippi?. 363

Then Came Casinos. 365

The King of The Ring? – Don King. 370


Focused on cost when choosing his college, Mark Cuban became

a billionaire. 375


CHAPTER 15: Play Your Position. 376


Peep This So You Don’t Get Dismissed. 376

For Any Product or Service, Production and Distribution are Key. 379

You Have to Do Your Research to Make Your Game Work. 381

The Key to Playing the Game is to Play Your Game. 382

Rules of the Game. 383

Ken Hendricks – “Building Billions” 384

Hendrick’s success with his roofing business was only the beginning of

him effectively “playing his position.” 386


Position Your Game Pieces – Are You Playing Chess or Checkers?. 389

The Way the “Game” is Played is a Combination of the Cards That Are

Dealt, How They’re Played, and the “House” Rules. 391


It’s not as much about the hand you’re dealt as it is how you play it. 391

EXERCISE:  Determine the hand you’ve been dealt 395

Playing Your Position – (Are You a Player?) 396

Part of playing your position is finding out what positions are available to

play as well as finding positions you see opportunities to create. 397


To put what you’ve just read into perspective, let’s look at the game

of basketball. 398


Your “Skill-Sets” and “Opportunity-Recognition” Radar 401

Differentiating Yourself Helps Provide Opportunities to Use Your Skill Sets. 404

Things to Consider When Playing the College Game. 405

What Style Is Best for You?. 407

Let’s talk about “game”—straight up. 408

Check out the following example involving people who followed their

passions, played their positions well, and combined their complementary

skills to form a winning team. 410


Whether it’s meant to be or not, it’s what you choose. 412


CHAPTER 16: Big Picture IQ.. 412


While Ownership Is Important, A Person’s Overall Power and Influence Is

Determined By What They Control 419


Don’t let life take away your idealism. 421

NEWSFLASH:  The “Old Boys Network” is real. 423

The “Paper Chase” — Don’t Chase Money, Let It Chase You. 426

It’s Cold Out There – At Least It Is When You Don’t Have Something of

Value to Offer 429


Value Shopping. 435

Whatever you do, strive to be an expert at it. 450

Change presents opportunity/ adversity presents opportunities. 451

I recommend pursuing a college education not just on the basis of getting

a degree, but in terms of focusing on how you can differentiate yourself in

a positive and profitable way. 456


NAFTA – Never a Free Trade Agreement 458

Substitute “Mexican drug” in Place of “Free” and you Have NAFTA.. 461

The public education system shows how politics and “clout” impact the

very essence of this country. 465


The U.S. is supposed to be a democracy. 472