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About Me

My name is Anthony Moore, and I’m about providing info that will:

(1) help people win scholarships for college (as in, “money they don’t have to pay back)

(2) help people not get exploited by the system we live in (I do so by, among other

things, pointing out ways the system is designed to exploit people)

(3) Speak truth (with no regard to political correctness) in ways that make people think,

(hopefully) laugh, and (probably) be offended


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Anthony Moore exemplifies the human ability to embrace excellence. He emerged from inner city Chicago through choosing to triumph over the peer pressure and negative conditions that pervaded his native environment. Instead of traveling the dead-end paths of many of his peers and predecessors—including his three-time felon older brother who died in prison—Anthony completed his undergraduate collegiate studies at the top of his class.

Anthony’s winning attitudes and determination have led him to win over thirty-five different scholarships totaling more than $118,000—most of them obtained within a two-year period. His winnings enabled him to self-finance the completion of his undergraduate and graduate collegiate studies.

Realizing many people either agonize with or don’t realize the importance of successfully planning for achieving their educational and life goals, Anthony Moore wrote the book Scholarship Rich. The book provides a “big picture” guide to winning and leveraging scholarships to not only fund one’s college education, but also to assist in achieving success and happiness in life. 

Anthony is about changing the systems that govern us for the better. He aims to economically and politically empower everyday citizens, especially those who are often overlooked and excluded by the so-called elite class. The U.S. economy—and as a result the global economy—is headed toward an unsustainable path where a relative few will continue to enrich themselves to everyone else’s detriment. He breaks down the how, why, and what of these realities in his forthcoming book, Cracking the System.

Another product he’s created to speak truth to power (which is key for changing things for the better) is the illustrated satire, What the Hell, which is in comic strip format.